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                         Established 1953

                                       2014 CALENDAR 

We have included a calendar for all our members. This contains all the competitions, dates, times for 2014, so if you lose or misplace your card you can check here. Click on a competition date for more info. For those of you who don't usually enter, give it a go. This year we are introducing new competitions and re-vamping the old ones. Competitions are a great way of meeting other members and the craic and banter is always good, so check out the calender and come along. (If at 1st the calendar doesn't load up click on another page then click back again and it should appear).



As you can see we have now got our own website (when searching always use Google as your search engine) which means members can keep up-to date with all the fishing news and competitions etc. You will notice that the website is a little 'tongue-in-cheek' so we hope you have a sense of humour. The site will feature all competition news, results, fixtures and photos as well as fishing tips and reports on  hatches. 

The site is not designed as a forum for members to air their views, its primary objective is to promote the club, and provide information on competitions, events, etc.

The website is new to the club and over the next few months we will be upgrading on a regular basis to get the format right and ensure that it is a site that delivers information to it's members on what the fishing is like on the lough and the river. The website is mainly for competition use and we are currently looking at the competitions section and looking to improve on it's present format which has remained largely unchanged over the years. So all suggestions regarding new competitions and formats are most welcome as are any new sponsors

From 2015 I will be looking for someone else to take on the site as administrator, I feel having got it up and running it is time for someone else to come on board and take it to the next level. So if you would like to take it on and run the site or if you know of anyone then let me know. You can use the email on the contacts page. Meanwhile I will continue to keep the site up and running and providing members with club news and all relevant information.


September, has started well with good reports of fish being caught, warm weather, with good cloud cover mean the fish are on the move, Daddies are about and with these being blown on the lough anglers are having good success with various tyings.
Some good fish are coming up and on Thursday 4th fish of 4lb, 3.5lb and 3lb were caught by boatmen, most of these fell to Buzzers fished slow or with indicators. The water quality is fairly good and all fish being caught seem to be of excellent quality with plenty of fight.

August so far weather wise has been fairly mixed with a fair amount of wind, rain and sunshine. The lough has risen a little with all of the rain and the condition of the the water is good for this time of year with very little algae present.
Anglers are reporting that Buzzers are catching either fished slow or with an indicator. On Thursday (7th) anglers on the Lough had a good days fishing, Donald had at least a dozen fish with dry's and buzzers. It's just a matter of being there at the right time as the next day you could blank very easily.
With the re-stocking of the lough recently there has been quite a few fish caught, both boat and bank anglers are doing well. Reports are that the evening rise is still hit and miss.
The Usual lures are getting plenty of 'Stockies' but buzzers are the culprit for getting these and a few of the older fish. Water quality is fairly good and levels are high resulting in plenty of fish on the move. The quality of the fish being caught are excellent all well finned with plenty of fight and all in excellent condition.

Overall July was a fairly good month although towards the end it did tail off. Bank men seemed to fair quite good overall with fish being caught on a regular basis. Evening rises have been occurring but it has been hit and miss with anglers who catch one nite but not the next. Boat men have had mixed bags with fish being caught from early morning till early afternoon but from 2pm onwards it's a bit hit and miss.  
It's great to see a few 4 and 5 pounders being caught (and being put back) but I can't understand how an angler can kill a 5lb fish. Lets face it, it has taken 3 or 4 years to grow to this stage and by putting it back you are giving someone else the pleasure and thrill of catching a great fish. There are one or 2 anglers out there that will kill these fish, one angler recently caught a fish of over 5lb, dispatched it and said "That'll do the pan" what size of a feckin pan has he??  He was a pensioner and that fish would feed him and the wife for a week!! Do the decent thing, take a photo and put it back! We'll even put it on the site.

Jim Malloy caught and released a lovely 5lb rainbow and Craig Pearson caught and released a fully finned Brown of about 4 and a half pounds. I'm sure there are other good fish being caught and anglers are asked to email us on the website and let us know. If you have any photos you can send them in and we will publish

A few fish are being caught with old line and flies attached to them so please ensure your knots and line are 100% , just test your line and knots before fishing. You are all reminded that some of the fish are at the 5lb mark so your line should be at least 6lb or above. Go to for details of various knots

Boatmen are reminded to ensure their boats are 100% and their boats are numbered on both sides with at least 6" lettering. Oars and row-locks should be checked, and life-jackets worn at all times. Please ensure when parking your car and trailer they are parked in such a way as to ensure others can park ok, it can become congested on competition days so please park up tight. 


No reports for a few weeks so not sure what is happening if you have any info then let us know.

Plenty of rain so far but no reports of Salmon being caught or of any numbers moving up river, Dollaghan are still being caught around the pound and a half mark

Sunday the 10th August Plenty of rain - those of you about the river let me know if there are Salmon running.  Just use the email and let me know what is happening. 

Damien (Snowy) was telling me that after all that rain on Sat 2nd the river only went up a few inches, he said there was no sign of any Salmon moving but he saw a few Dollaghan on the move.

Just got an email from Robert Jackson who caught a fresh run Dollaghan today (Sun) about a pound and a quarter on a spinner just below the dam, so thanks for that.

Anyone else with info or photos then email them in to us.

Last year our neighbours at Banbridge Angling Club also reported a lack of Salmon being caught during the summer months, although Geoff Hylands did well towards the end of last season and even caught 3 in one day!!



Season, 1st March - 31st October: Methods, Fly, Spinning. (Worm October) Boats, maximum of 10. All boats on the lough, must be registered, 6 inch numbers displayed on both sides of boats and life jackets must be wornBag Limit 3 fish. Once the 3rd fish has been dispatched rod to be dismantled

                                                                                     VISITORS (Fly only)

Visitors are welcome to fish and Day tickets are available at £12 per day. You are not allowed to use the spinning method on the Kernan lake unless you are a registered member of Gilford Angling Club so it's fly fishing only. Day tickets are available from the Spar 40 Mill St Gilford Tel  02838831087 the shop is in the centre of the town and is open 7 days a week.

BOATS & INFO Only members are permitted to use boats which are all registered with the club. The lough is stocked with both Brown and Rainbow up to 5lb. Kernan Lough is approx. 28 hectares in size and at its deepest point about 18 feet. There are fishing stands' around the lough but most of these are not suitable for wading, fall off areas are quite sharp and deep. The right hand side of the lough (from the car park) is the shallowest and wading is possible at some of the stands. Catch and release is permitted and visitors are advised to use barbless hooks. Bag limit - 3 fish.

RIVER BANN. Gilford Angling Club controls the fishing from Gilford down to the bridge in Laurencetown please ensure you gain permission before crossing lands to reach the river and close all gates.

  MEMBERSHIP (Gilford-angling-club)

If you are interested in joining please contact the Club Secretary (Geoff Kane) on 07990666213
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